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This is a tremendous archive, presented in a way that does full justice to the many, many hours of work that have gone into its creation.

Well done, Richard!

Alan B. Thomas, 6th March 2021

Greetings from Drawing No 9, here in Loweswater. Congratulations on a fine body of work, a real labour of love without doubt.

Roger Hiley, 29th January 2021

The photographs show both the skill of artist and the skill of the photographer, with some lovely personal and historical touches. A great achievement -and ideal armchair travelling, evoking so many good memories.

Jon Dagley, 29th January 2021

A remarkable piece of work, evidence of the beauty and the essentially unchanging nature of the Lakeland landscape. It also demonstrates the attention to detail that Richard brings to any endeavour. At the moment during this traumatic year of 2020, it provides us with a welcome if tantalising glimpse into the hills.

Carolyn Bird, 30th December 2020

What a wonderful project. So impressive, and a great pleasure to browse and remember days out on the hills and hopefully plan some more.

Jan Davidson, 16th December 2020

Wonderful piece of work – something good to brighten a grim year.

David Bramhall, 8th December 2020

I may be a stranger to the charms of the Lakes, but what a superlative piece of work this is. Richard’s forensic approach, and God only knows how many hours of work, have produced a fascinating and valuable work which deserves the widest audience.

John Aston, 3rd December 2020

A real labour of love….and a great way to remember some fantastic days out over more than 40 years!

Ian Hall, 30th November 2020

What a resource! Thanks Richard, and thanks for all the great days we’ve had together in these landscapes.

Bill Cross, 28th November 2020