Aira Force (see drawing 16)

In March 2021 the National Trust began replacing the existing viewing area with a steel platform, to be cantilevered out over the river gorge, providing views of the river and waterfall. They were also enhancing a section of footpath, which had become increasingly unstable, to enable better access for a wider range of abilities. It is hoped that the work would be completed by August 2021, but in fact it has been halted by a large tree falling across the path, preventing access to the viewpoint for sketch 16. There is no certain date for access to be restored.

New Posts

If you have explored the website a bit already, don’t think you have seen all it has to offer! I am gradually adding more information with the aim of enriching the stories of these 400 places. See, for example, Drawings 250, 268, 279, 286 and 312. Drawing 9 also has some interesting new information from local resident Roger Hiley.

Museum of Lakeland Life

The Museum is currently closed for “an ambitious redevelopment of Abbot Hall and the surrounding grounds”. The car park is also closed and has been made inaccessible to vehicles. Now is the time to photograph sketch 266 without any cars in the way! 6th December 2020

The Outlying Fells

November 2020: The Wainwright Society have recently republished Wainwright’s classic “The Outlying Fells of Lakeland”.  This is the second edition, revised by Chris Jesty, with routes clearly shown in red.  It was published in 2011 but was out of print.  The book looks gorgeous, and is a pleasure to handle – almost too good to take out on the fells!  It costs £16.50 (incl p&p) from the Wainwright Society website.