Drawing 98 Long Sleddale

Direction of view: NNW

Notes: The viewpoint, Ulgraves, is on private land, and best approached from Gurnal Dubs.  There is still a summit cairn, though it is smaller than that shown in the sketch.

This view also appears on page 424 of Westmorland Heritage, and page 128 of Wainwright in Lakeland.  Both are reprints of the sketch.

Comments: I took this picture on 17th August 2015, a beautiful summer’s day.  It was about noon, but there was little haze to spoil the excellent view.  A five mile walk from the back road between Staveley and Bowston, visiting the rather stark Potter Tarn and the lovely Gurnal Dubs was a very pleasant way of spending 2 ½  hours.  I saw no-one on the walk to Ulgraves, and access to it was quite straightforward.  I returned to the car, stopping en route to have a picnic by Gurnal Dubs, then drove off to get sketch 383 from the A6.

The best guess for the meaning of the name “Ulgraves” seems to be that it refers to wolf pits (ie pits for trapping wolves).  But the first recorded use of the name is in 1857, long after the time when there were any wolves to trap.