Drawing 96: Nether Beck

Direction of view: NE

Notes: This waterfall is further up Nether Beck than AW’s view indicator diagram might suggest.  It is clearly visible from the path up the valley.  It is not possible to replicate Wainwright’s picture exactly; either he used artistic licence or the topography has changed a bit. 

This scene also appears on page 96 of Fellwalking with a Camera, and on page Middle Fell 2 in The Western Fells.  Two sheep feature in the sketch which are not in the photograph; Wainwright also eliminates the dark shadow on part of the falls which is in the photograph.

Comments: I visited this location on 8th August 2015, on a walk with Peter Messenger and his dog, Sam. We followed Nether Beck closely (and with some difficulty) until we found the falls.  Having established that it wasn’t possible to replicate the sketch exactly, I took four overlapping photos and merged them using Photoshop to create this image, which does capture this delightful scene.  We went on for a walk over the tops, and also on this day I bagged sketches 58, 109, 352 and 355 (not all with total success, as will be seen).