Drawing 93: Lonscale Fell

Direction of view: WSW

Notes: The viewpoint is where the track up the east side of the Glendaterra crosses Roughton Gill.  There is now a sizeable tree growing just behind the bridge, as well as a clump of birch further down the stream.  You have to stand back a bit to keep the tree in reasonable proportions: AW probably stood closer to the bridge.  This scene appears in The Northern Fells, page Lonscale Fell 1, where AW appears to have drawn the birch trees.  In sketch 93, it is not quite clear which tree(s) he is depicting.

This view also appears as Lakeland Mountain Drawing 466.  The latter is a new drawing, but the tree is portrayed as the same size as it was in 1969!

Comments: I visited this viewpoint on 19th March 2012 after a walk over Blencathra (see drawings 148, 198 and 51).  Coming over the brow of the hill above, I was surprised to see a large and colourfully-clad school party sitting by the stream.  I had my lunch by the birches downstream then returned to get the photograph once the school party had moved off.  Nevertheless, the picture was dull, and I determined to improve upon it.  This I did on 26th March 2019.  Anne Setright and I spent the day visiting four sketch locations where I needed better pictures – as well as this, we covered 229, 256 and 305.  For this one, we simply walked in from the Field Studies Council’s Blencathra Centre.

Just downstream from this point, and quite unobtrusive, is a micro hydro scheme, with a modest stone and slate building.

In his notes to this sketch, Wainwright refers to the east peak of Lonscale Fell (which is the peak visible in this sketch) as Lonscale Pike; in the guidebook, this is just referred to as “east peak”.