Drawing 91: Mellbreak

Direction of view: S

Notes: The viewpoint is just over the bridge over Park Beck (Church Bridge), near to the Kirkstile Inn.  There has been a major error here, because the sketch is printed back to front in “A Second Lakeland Sketchbook”.  See article in the Wainwright Society’s “Footsteps” magazine Issue 45, page 8, where Andrew Nichol, sometime General Manager of the Westmorland Gazette publishers, reached the conclusion that Wainwright’s drawing was correct, but that the image had been reversed in the plate production process in Manchester, and was therefore printed incorrectly by the Westmorland Gazette.  A situation unique in Wainwright’s works.

This view of Mellbreak also appears (the right way round!) on page 147 of Fellwalking with a Camera

Comments: See Drawing 102 for an account of my first attempt on this sketch.  Walking back from Flass Wood to the Kirkstile Inn on 27th October 2012 with Sheelagh Hughes Hallett, we continually sized this scene up, but failed to find a totally convincing foreground.  I knew it looked wrong, but couldn’t work out why!  The photo I took then was rather dull anyway.  It was David Johnson of the Wainwright Society who first realised that the printed sketch was back to front.

I took the picture again at 5pm on 22nd June 2018, and the light was so much better (I was so relaxed that I even had a drink in the Kirkstile Inn whilst waiting for the sun to move round!).  This was the last of six sketches obtained that day – see 322 for a list of the others