Drawing 9: The Old Smithy, Kirkstile

Direction of view: ESE

Notes: The original building has been demolished (as predicted by Wainwright, who wrote that “the old smithy has closed its doors for ever, to await an inevitable doom”), and replaced by a new bungalow, named Oak Cottage.  A visit in late afternoon would be necessary to get sun on both faces of the cottage.

The Old Smithy also features in Memoirs of a Fellwanderer (p76) and Wainwright in Lakeland (p169).  In each case, the same drawing has been used.  Note how Wainwright uses directional shading on the fell behind, to identify two faces.

Comments: I took this on 27th October 2012 – see sketch 102 for full account – when I got a nice clear picture, with good autumn colour: image 1

I also have a commercially taken slide (image 2), showing the original building.  This has discoloured over the years, and even Photoshop cannot wholly restore it, but it does complement Wainwright’s sketch.

UPDATE: Local resident Roger Hiley reports that “AW did make a slight error, the Blacksmith’s Forge was across the road (from the cottage) on what is now a popular gravel parking area.  To be fair the forge had probably been demolished by the time AW passed by, the stonework apparently used to fill a hole in a field due to a mine shaft subsidence of the Loweswater Lead Mine.”