Drawing 89: Crag Fell Pinnacles

Direction of view: NNW

Notes: The viewpoint is just to the right of the path up the green rake shown on page Crag Fell 4.

This view appears on page 117 of Wainwright in Lakeland, as Lakeland Mountain Drawing 297, and on page Crag Fell 2 in The Western Fells. The mountain drawing is a new drawing, and rather larger than the sketch.

Comments: I visited Crag Fell pinnacles on 19th December 2016.  The morning was lightly overcast.  There is evidence of stonefall around the pinnacles, but they themselves have not changed.

In a long hike over the fells, I continued up to Crag Fell, then on to Grike, Whoap, Lank Rigg, Whoap again, Iron Crag, Caw Fell and Haycock (where I completed my 4th round of the Wainwrights).  The weather was calm and mild, but a heavy Scotch mist set in.  I got back to the car after 8 hours 40 minutes, during which time I never saw another person.

The pinnacles form part of Revelin Crag, a name dating back at least to the 1820s