Drawing 86: Stock Ghyll Force, Ambleside

Direction of view: NE

Notes: Best taken in the afternoon, when no leaves are on the trees. Wainwright’s viewpoint is 30 yards below the higher (platform) viewpoint.

This view appears on pages 160 and 197 of Wainwright in Lakeland, page 5 of Westmorland Heritage, and page Wansfell 10 in The Far Eastern Fells.  The Westmorland Heritage picture is a copy of the guidebook drawing; the sketch is different.

Comments: I photographed this view in the autumn of 1991 (see Drawing 160), probably on 3rd November 1991.

Descending from Wansfell on 10th December 2011, I detoured to see Stock Ghyll Force, and thought that the view from the obvious viewpoint for the falls is effectively the same as the Wainwright drawing.  So I photographed it, even though I didn’t have the drawing with me.  This was one of the catalysts which led to me raising the prospect of the Wainwright Society doing a project to recreate the 400 scenes with contemporary photographs; and I regard it also as the origin of my second period of photographing the sketches.

A second visit on 27th February 2015 demonstrated that the view from the main viewpoint isn’t the same as the sketch (see above).