Drawing 85: Row Bridge, Wasdale Head

Direction of view: N

Notes: The bridge is situated just behind the Wasdale Head Inn.  The view of it is now (2019) totally obscured by an ash tree, and has been for many years.

This scene also appears in Lakeland Mountain Drawings (92), and on page 157 of Wainwright in Lakeland.  The latter is a copy of the sketch; the former is a new drawing, including the dog but omitting the shepherd, whose place in the scene is taken by two sheep and a lamb!

Comments: Image 1 was taken during a solo youth hostelling trip around the western Lake District in 1979.  Specifically, on a day walk from Wastwater youth hostel on 4th August 1979: see drawing 82. Image 2 is Peter Messenger’s picture:  it was taken in the late 1970s, and sets the bridge in a better landscape context.

I visited this location for the digital project on 8th July 2019 with Anne Setright.  The picture from Wainwright’s actual viewpoint (image 3) appears ridiculous, but is at least true to the spirit of recording the current appearance of the places sketched by AW.  The other picture (image 4) shows the bridge from the other side of the beck, with Anne in place of the shepherd portrayed in the sketch (she only appears when you click on the photo!).