Drawing 70: Green Crag and Haystacks

Direction of view: W

Notes: Turn right at Drum House, and aim for some prominent silver coloured spoil heaps.  Note that, in the sketch, Pillar summit is in mist.

This view is also in Lakeland Mountain Drawings (486), Fellwalking with a Camera page 131, and Memoirs of a Fellwanderer, page 187.  The latter is a somewhat reduced version of the sketch.  The mountain drawing includes a solitary walker, and removes the cloud cap from Pillar.

Comments: I took this picture on 17th July 2017 – see Drawing 201 for an account of that day, which was as glorious as it looks here.

Dubs Quarry lies within the watershed of Warnscale, and had to be connected to the Honister complex by a tramway, completed in 1891. A team of four horses was used to pull trains of trucks from Dubs to the high point on the fell. From here a self-activating system controlled the descent of the trucks down to Honister Pass.  The last decaying remains of the structures involved can still be seen.