Drawing 69: The Bishop of Barf

Direction of view: ESE

Notes: To get lighting on this back side of the Bishop, one would need to visit late afternoon in summer.  It is difficult to get the sketch just right, with the Bishop in exactly the correct place against the background (which has changed somewhat). The ground underfoot is steep and unstable.

This view also appears in The North Western Fells, page Barf 5.

Comments: I tackled the direct ascent of Barf on 24th February 2012 with work colleagues Peter Watson and Kathryn Beardmore.  We had been intending to ascend Grisedale Pike, but it was in cloud, and Barf proved an entertaining alternative.  We continued our walk to Lord’s Seat, Broom Fell and Graystones, returning via Siskins café.  Peter and Kathryn regarded my antics trying to get the sketch with some amazement.  Although I took 7 or 8 shots, none is quite right!

Wainwright described the Bishop as “a venerable figure whose spotless vestments result from regular applications of whitewash”.  The Bishop’s backside is now also painted white, which it wasn’t in AW’s day.  Keswick Mountain Rescue Team keep his vestments pristine. The “Swan”, below, is an hotel no more.

Peter Messenger’s picture from the late 1970s shows a more lackadaisical approach to the Bishop’s vestments, as observed by AW.