Drawing 64: The foot of Wastwater

Direction of view: NE

Notes: The viewpoint is where the River Irt leaves the lake, close to the pumping station building (which is just out of shot to the right).  It’s surprising how little the foreground has changed.

This view appears in Lakeland Mountain Drawings (496), on page 137 of Wainwright in Lakeland, and on page 95 of Fellwalking with a Camera, where the image contains a person sitting in the foreground.  They have been omitted from the sketch, and replaced by two distant figures standing by the lake.  The Lakeland Mountain Drawing includes neither.

Comments: I took this picture on 6th September 2015, on a day’s walk with Anne Setright, when we ascended by Greathall Gill, traversed the summits of Illgill Head and Whin Rigg, and returned along the lakeside path (which we found delightful).  We waited for ten minutes or so at this location, and the light was constantly changing.  Other sketches taken that day were 330 and 368.