Drawing 60: Tarn Hows

Direction of view: NNE

Notes: This view is taken from a knoll above the National Trust car park (turn uphill to the right just at the car park pedestrian exit).  According to a photograph in the Archives at Kendal, the figure in the sketch is AW’s son, Peter. 

This sketch also appears on page 18 of Wainwright in Lakeland.

Comments: I took this picture on a beautiful winter’s day, 29th December 2014.  The minor roads around Tarn Hows were icy, and so were some of the paths, but the walk around the tarn, with Sheelagh Hughes Hallett, was as beautiful as ever.  The distant hills were a bit hazy, and the low sun made the light on the foreground less than ideal, but it was still a good shot.

Not much has changed since Peter Messenger’s picture in the late 1970s.

As Wainwright explains, “Tarn Hows is an artificial lake, created by raising the level of small pools in a marshy hollow, resulting in a beauty spot as well known as any in the country (a rare example of man improving on nature).”