Drawing 59: Nan Bield Pass

Direction of view: NE

Notes: The foreground of this sketch is now occupied by the path from Nan Bield Pass to Mardale Ill Bell.  AW exaggerates the peak in the middle distance (which is part of the Long Stile ridge).  Some of the slanting stones have collapsed like dominoes.

This scene also appears in Lakeland Mountain Drawings (207), on page 179 of Westmorland Heritage, and in Three Westmorland Rivers (accompanying sketch 41).  The mountain drawing is relatively crude, and less convincing than the sketch.

Comments: I first took this photo on 15th July 2012, on a walk with Peter and Ruth Messenger (see Drawing 146).  We were on our way down after a felltop traverse, and the light wasn’t great; indeed we were shortly engulfed in a heavy and prolonged shower – another contribution to an exceptionally wet summer.  The picture isn’t shown here.

I managed a much better picture on 10th February 2016 on a walk with Peter Watson (see Drawing 147 for an account of that day).  This was just about the first really clear winter’s day with snow on the fells of the entire 2015/16 winter; visibility was excellent.

Wainwright drew another version of this sketch, which was never published, but given to a family friend.  In it the two walkers are closer together, and rather like matchstick men.