Drawing 55: Watendlath

Direction of view: SSE

Notes: This scene has changed very considerably.  The trees shown in the sketch have gone, and others have been planted on the grassed area in the centre of the picture; these have now grown up almost totally to obscure the buildings, and since they are coniferous, the view Wainwright saw is not even visible in winter.  There is also a seat on the grass, and the bridge is attractively decorated with ferns. Overall, a less photogenic scene than Wainwright portrayed.

This sketch also appears on page 199 of Memoirs of a Fellwanderer.

Comments: I have visited Watendlath many times over the years, and the first time I took this photo was on 17th June 1981 on slide film (image 1).  It was an evening after work, and Peter Messenger, Mike Gibney (my then landlady’s son) and I drove to Watendlath, took some pictures, and climbed High Seat – my favourite fell – this was already my 5th ascent.

I took this picture for the digital project on 29th June 2018 (image 2; see Drawing 143 for an account).  It struck me that day that moving around getting photographs can be an expensive pastime – I spent no less than £11.30 on car parking in three different locations (Rosthwaite, Keswick Lakeside and here).  Watendlath Tarn was lovely on a sunny summer’s day, but the charm of the hamlet itself is now largely hidden in trees.