Drawing 44: High Man, Pillar Rock

Direction of view: N

Notes: The viewpoint is well below Pillar summit.  Heading up Pillar on the High Level route, the viewpoint is off to the right of the path, just after the route turns away from Pisgah and up towards Pillar summit.

This picture also appears on page Pillar 6 in The Western Fells, as well as on page 69 of Memoirs of a Fellwanderer.  The latter is a reduced size version of the sketchbook image.

Wainwright’s treatment of the fellside across Ennerdale is interesting for its almost out of focus feel, which lends a sense of depth to the image as a whole.

Comments: My first photo of this sketch was taken on slide film on 3rd August 1979, during a youth hostelling trip around the Lake District following University final exams.  On this day, I climbed Pillar, Scoat Fell, Red Pike and Yewbarrow; the weather was ok initially, then the mist level dropped and there were no more views.  Prior to that, I had managed to secure pictures of this sketch and 381.

I took the image on digital on 23rd July 2014 on a walk with Peter Watson (see Drawing 214 for an account of this day).  By contrast to my previous attempt, conditions were perfect, with bright sunlight on the rock, and dappled shade on the fellside behind, and I got a photo that could hardly be improved upon.