Drawing 43: The Troutbeck Valley

Direction of view: N

Notes: The viewpoint is on the Garburn Pass road, 100 yards past the last trees at Applethwaite Quarry.  A small culvert goes under the track at this point.  It isn’t possible to locate a section of wall looking exactly like that in the sketch.  In winter, the foreground is in shade until 11am.

This view also features in Lakeland Mountain Drawings (110), Fellwanderer (page 14), Westmorland Heritage (page 448) and Wainwright in Lakeland (page 49).  The mountain drawing is from exactly the same place, with the same section of wall in the foreground; yet it is a quite different interpretation of the scene.  The right hand portion of this view also appears in A Fifth Lakeland Sketchbook (opposite the title page); the drawing there is the same as that in Fellwanderer; in both books it is captioned “The upper Troutbeck Valley”.

Comments: I took this picture on 25th November 2015; getting it was the main purpose of a walk which then continued to Sour Howes and Sallows.  Poor weather had kept me off the fells earlier in November; this was a rare pleasant morning.  I returned the same way, and stopped for an early lunch, hoping for better conditions, but clouds were accumulating, and the picture shown here is the one I took in the morning.