Drawing 396: Hart Crag

Direction of view: SSW

Notes:  The foreground is on the Deepdale slope of the east ridge of St Sunday Crag.  There are many rocks there with trees growing out of them – and that sketched by AW is still alive.

Comments: I first took this picture on 11th March 2014 – see sketch 41 for an account of that day.  It was late afternoon, and the direction of the light wasn’t good – early morning in summer is best.  Also, I got the wrong tree!  So that picture isn’t reproduced here.

The picture below was taken on 11th July 2018, on a walk with Peter Messenger.

We met in Patterdale, and I got a good picture of the church (62) whilst I was waiting for him.  We left his car in Patterdale, drove to Bridgend, and set off up Deepdale and then up the east ridge of St. Sunday Crag, a tough proposition on a warm day.  Peter spotted a likely tree, and when we got to it the foreground rocks looked convincing.  We waited awhile for sunshine, which came in the end.  Then we continued to the summit of St Sunday Crag, and down via the view of Ullswater (Drawing 78).

This sketch also appears on page 327 of Westmorland Heritage and page Hart Crag 10 in The Eastern Fells.