Drawing 389: Crook

Direction of view: NE

Notes: Best in mid-afternoon, to get sunlight on the fronts and sides of the houses.  Parked cars are usually present.

The only other place in Wainwright’s published works where this sketch appears is on page 68 of Westmorland Heritage: a smaller version of the sketch, and with almost all of the overhanging trees omitted.

Comments: I first took this picture (image 1) on slide film on 4th May 1981 with Peter Messenger: see 335 above.

I took this sketch for the digital project on 31st March 2012.  I was on my way to the AGM of the Wainwright Society in Staveley in the morning.  There was no sun.  During the AGM the sun started to shine, so I returned home via Crook.  But I was half an hour too late to get sunlight on the fronts of the houses (image 2).  The scene hasn’t changed much, though the wall in the bottom left corner of the sketch couldn’t be identified; there is an aged iron railing fence there.