Drawing 388: Great Gable, from Moses’ Trod

Direction of view: SSE

Notes: This sketch seems effectively not to have a foreground, therefore there is no “exact” viewpoint; but walking along the Moses Trod path until Great and Green Gables line up as in the drawing will do the trick.

Comments:  I took this photo on 24th July 2014 on a walk with Peter Watson (see Drawing 35 for an account of that day).  I didn’t actually have the sketch with me, and took the picture from memory of the drawing, the result being much better than usual when such an approach is deployed!

Wainwright re-tells the tale that “Moses Trod was originally a secret passage through the hills, planned by a quarryman-cum-smuggler named Moses Rigg who took by sled his contraband wares this way to avoid the exciseman and evade the law”.

This sketch appears on page 65 of Wainwright in Lakeland, and the scene is Lakeland Mountain Drawing 290. The sketch has a solidity that the mountain drawing lacks, despite the inclusion in the mountain drawing of a fringe of foreground rocks.