Drawing 383: The foot of Long Sleddale

Direction of view: NW

Notes: From the A6, just north of the Garnett Bridge turn.  There is a layby 100m further up the road, on the left.  The extent of tree growth between 1982 and 2015 is very obvious.

Comments: I first took this picture on slide film on 8th May 1982, on a day out with Peter Messenger.  We took this photo of Longsleddale before parking at Sadgill for sketch 144 and following the river up to sketch 194.  Our walk continued steeply up to Kentmere Pike, then on to Harter Fell and Branstree as the day turned cloudy after a sunny start.

I first took the picture for the digital project on 13th May 2015.  After a day out with professional photographer Adrian Almond, I had purchased a set of Lee Filters for my camera, and went out to practice using these.  A nice sunny morning had clouded over, but it was interesting to see how the filters worked, and to practice using them.  Without them, the sky would have been completely burned out.

I revisited the location on 17th August 2015, again equipped with the tripod and Lee filters, and got a better shot in strong sunshine.

The only other place in Wainwright’s published works where this view appears is on page 233 of Westmorland Heritage, where Wainwright uses just the central portion of this sketch, captioned “the foot of Longsleddale, as seen from the A6 at Watchgate”.