Drawing 380: The Kirk Stone

Direction of view: N

Notes: Very easily accessed from a pull in on the Kirkstone Pass road, 200 yards uphill from Red Pit car park.  A path has been created hereabouts, and it passes right in front of the Kirk Stone.  Otherwise the scene hasn’t changed.

Comments: I first took this picture (image 1) on slide film on 4th April 1977: see 351 above.

My next picture, also on slide film, was in December 1980 (image 2), on a day which seems to have been concentrated on getting sketches rather than walking.  I got several from the Furness sketchbooks, but also the Bridge House (197), Hawkshead Church (176) and this one.  This would almost certainly have been a day out with Peter Messenger.

A third picture on slide film (image 3) was taken on 15th September 1991,  prior to a walk over High Street from Troutbeck to Martindale with Peter Messenger: a fine day when the lowlands were enjoying sunshine, though it was mainly cloudy over the fells.

I took this picture for the digital project on 9th January 2014 (image 4), immediately after no. 129.  Alas, the sun had gone into clouds, though it was still reasonably bright.  I hung around for a while, but a cold wind and other things to do moved me on eventually (see 74).

The only other pictorial appearance of The Kirk Stone in Wainwright’s published works is on page 332 of Westmorland Heritage; a drawing of just the stone, without Place Fell in the background.