Drawing 378: Red Screes

Direction of view: NNW

Notes: Despite the foreground wall, the exact location isn’t obvious, and there are different contenders; one a good way north of the summit which is the view I have taken, though David Johnson of The Wainwright Society found a different location that looks at least equally convincing.

Comments: I took my picture on 26th April 2015, a beautiful bright Spring day with excellent air clarity and a chill wind.  I set out from Ambleside just before 10am, taking the picture of the Bridge House, and then up Wansfell Pike for 172 and 188, and on to Wansfell for this one.  All three photos on Wansfell were obtained in good sunny conditions, though cloud shadows made sharper contrasts than I would have liked.

The only other place in Wainwright’s published works where this scene appears is on the title page of the Red Screes chapter in The Eastern Fells.

Wainwright comments that “The Ordnance maps give more prominence to the insignificant feature of Kilnshaw Chimney, and strangers to the area may be forgiven for assuming this to be the name of the fell…”  The Ordnance Survey has since remedied this, and Kilnshaw Chimney is now relegated to its rightful insignificance, though it gains occasional mention for people getting stuck there.  It is more popular in winter, when it is a Grade I/II ice climb.