Drawing 373: South from Skiddaw Little Man

Direction of view: SSW

Notes: Since there is no foreground, the picture can be taken from any location south of the summit cairn.  The only other place in Wainwright’s published works where this view appears is page Skiddaw Little Man 4 in The Northern Fells.

Comments: I first took this picture on 17th December 2013, on a walk with Peter Watson.  We enjoyed a lovely sunny morning whilst walking up the valley to Skiddaw House and the Sale How ridge, but by the time we reached Skiddaw Little Man – on the way down from Skiddaw, mist had blown in, and there was a cold wind.

My next visit was on 11th March 2018, and was something of a repeat performance.  A lovely Spring morning had become hazy and cloudy by the time I had slogged up the SW arête to the summit (not a route I would recommend!).

My third time, on 2nd January 2019, was not lucky, either.  A sunny winter morning had clouded over by the time Peter Messenger and I reached the summit, soon after 2.30pm.  This picture at least has a modicum of drama, and has been selected as the best of the three.