Drawing 372: The Vale of Rydal

Direction of view: W

Notes: This view is from the lower slopes of Low Pike, to the west of the wall along the ridge.  I have not located the foreground stones shown in the sketch.  The sketch itself is uncharacteristically vague, with the Langdale Pikes not their usual recognisable selves, and the mountain in the centre of the sketch is Crinkle Crags.

Comments:  Once or twice I had kept an eye out for this view “in passing”, but had never seen it.  On 19th January 2015 I decided to have a serious search for it, and got an acceptable picture, though unfortunately cloud spreading in from the west was enveloping the summits of Bowfell and Crinkle Crags on what had begun as a clear bright morning with snow on the ground.  I got the sketch of High Sweden Bridge (156) on the way to this one, and faffed about a bit at 372, looking for the foreground rocks, which I failed to locate, though the general lie of the foreground looked about right.  Then I headed off for a fellwalk, after which another search for the foreground to this sketch failed to produce any better ideas!

This sketch is reproduced on page 133 of Wainwright in Lakeland; its only other appearance in Wainwright’s published works.