Drawing 371: Dalegarth Force

Direction of view: S

Notes: In a steep sided gorge, and facing due south, this scene will rarely see the sun.  It is easy to access, and unmistakeable, however. 

This scene does not appear elsewhere in Wainwright’s published works. Although this waterfall was once known as Dalegarth Force as recorded by AW, it is now shown on maps and signs as “Stanley Force”, and some accounts give “Stanley Ghyll Force”.

Comments:I first visited this waterfall on 22nd November 1980 with Peter Messenger.  It was a dull day, and we were doing walk 7 from Wainwright’s book “Walks from Ratty”.

My next visit was on 3rd May 1992, during a weekend break in Eskdale, the objective of which was to complete the final sections of Paul Hannon’s “Furness Way”.  Peter Messenger and I drove to Ravenglass and took some pictures of the “La’al Ratty” train which we then caught to Dalegarth.  On the walk back to Ravenglass, we got a picture of Dalegarth Force and visited Muncaster Castle to see the owls.

First visited for the digital project on 3rd December 2012 with Anne Setright (see Drawing 233 for a brief account).  The gorge is a dramatic place with a distinct atmosphere, and there are other waterfalls above this one, which can be viewed from a cliff-edge viewpoint higher up.  A sign proclaimed that work was being done to eradicate non-native species such as rhododendron, but there was little evidence of this happening in fact, and it would be a big job, as the steep sides of the gorge are covered in them – and indeed they appear in AW’s drawing.

Clearly, the picture I took in 2012 is not an exact match to the sketch, so a return visit was called for.  This took place on 23rd May 2016, when Anne and I were staying at Lane End Cottage in Boot.  We were both nursing injuries, and the walk to this waterfall was an ideal bit of exercise.  One of the paths to it is named “Anne’s Walk”.  With the help of a tripod, I got a picture which is clearly from the same viewpoint as AW’s.