Drawing 370: Borrowdale, from Thorneythwaite Fell

Direction of view: NNE

Notes: The viewpoint is on the path shown on page Glaramara 5 in The Southern Fells.  I think the rocks in the left foreground are there by artist’s licence.

Comments: I took this picture on 23rd August 2017, on a walk with David Claxton and his dog Bracken.  It was a cloudy day; sun did break through eventually, but by then we were back down in the valley.  We ascended Stanger Gill and proceeded via Rosthwaite Fell to Glaramara, thence descending over Thorneythwaite Fell.  After a wet summer, grass was sodden and rocks glazed with algae, making everything slippery.

This scene is the 54th photograph inFellwanderer, and it appears on page 102 of Fellwalking with a Camera and page 75 of Memoirs of a Fellwanderer.  All three are the same photograph.  In Memoirs, the photograph is shown alongside the sketch, and we can see that Wainwright has ignored the tricky cloud shadows which occur in the photograph.