Drawing 37: Catbells and Newlands

Direction of view: S

Notes: For Peter Messenger and I, this was a notoriously difficult viewpoint to find, and the style of drawing suggests it may have been sketched by AW well before publication of A Lakeland Sketchbook.  However, after tree felling on Swinside, a convincing viewpoint materialised, and it must approximate closely to AW’s, because the respective positions of the two peaks of Catbells are very sensitive to the observer moving around.

This picture does not appear in any other of Wainwright’s published works.

Comments: I first took this picture on 17th July 2017, early in the morning (to avoid encountering other people whilst on private land).  I then went on to make my first recorded ascent of Swinside, which has a glorious view of Newlands Valley.  The day continued with a good walk from Honister, bagging 10 sketches – see 201 for an account of that day.

Despite its low altitude, Swinside is recognised as a Marilyn as it is (per Wikipedia) “surrounded by a moat of low boggy ground”.  Marilyns are catalogued in Alan Dawson’s book Relative Hills of Britain, and are eminences with a drop of 150 metres on all sides before the next higher land.  Originally the drop required was 500 feet, reduced to 492 feet by metrification.