Drawing 368: The Screes Gullies, Wastwater

Direction of view: E

Notes: The viewpoint is on the road between Woodhow Farm and the Youth Hostel.

Comments: I first took this picture on slide film during a solo youth hostelling trip around the western Lake District in 1979.  Specifically, this picture was taken on a day walk from Wastwater youth hostel on 4th August 1979.  See image 1 and 337.

I first took the picture for the digital project on 6th September 2015.  Anne Setright and I were just completing a walk over the Wastwater Screes, and Anne spotted the sketch whilst walking back down the road to our car (image 2).  Other sketches taken on the same day were 64 and 330.

This view also appears in Lakeland Mountain Drawings (257), on page WhinRigg 2 in The Southern Fells, and on page 91 of Fellwalking with a Camera.The sketch is very like this photograph, though Wainwright has introduced two sheep into the foreground field.  The mountain drawing portrays exactly the same scene, this time with three sheep.

Wainwright says that the Screes Gullies are “a strict preserve only for experienced climbers”; the climbing guide characterises them as “traditional wet and dark gully climbs”.  Great Gully was first climbed on 27th December 1892 by three great early pioneers: Geoffrey Hastings, John Wilson Robinson and Professor Norman Collie.