Drawing 367: Blencathra, from the British Settlement

Direction of view: N

Notes: Take the Old Coach Road from Wanthwaite.  When you reach open access land, it starts to climb.  Soon you reach a crossroads; turn left on a good wide track that leads to the vicinity of the settlement.  The viewpoint is close to the settlement walls, not up the hill slope.  Two large boulders stand about 20 feet apart, and the viewpoint is between them.  From October to February the near foreground will be in shadow, even at noon.  Lining up the various elements exactly requires patience!

Comments: I took this picture on 12th November 2017.  It was a very clear and sunny day, and I set off just to get this sketch.  I was therefore a little disappointed to discover the problems with foreground shadow mentioned above; though my new Sony camera and a Lee filter did a good job of minimising the problem.  An orienteering event was in progress, and one of the competitors can be seen in the picture; I decided this added scale and interest.

This scene does not appear elsewhere in Wainwright’s published works.

This settlement is reckoned to have been a substantial farmstead, with seven circular stone huts, a well, livestock pens, fields and two trackways linking it all together. People may have lived here from the late Bronze Age right through to Roman times, with little change in their way of life.