Drawing 364: The path to Greenup

Direction of view: SSE

Notes: On the footpath from Stonethwaite to Greenup, just where the Dock Tarn path branches off.  The larch on the right has grown, partially obscuring the view of Eagle Crag in summer.

Comments: I first took this picture on slide film in late August / early September 1978, though I have no note of the precise date or circumstances: see 275 and image 1.

My next picture (image 2), also on slide film, was taken on 26th April 1986, on a walk with Sheelagh Hughes Hallett.  We set out from Rosthwaite and walked to Grange, up the Watendlath valley, and via Great Crag to Dock Tarn, descending to Stonethwaite in evening light. The day was overcast but mild, and the high fells still held snow.

I first took this picture on digital on 30th November 2014, at the start of a walk to Great Crag and Ullscarf with Peter and Ruth Messenger.  Although a pleasant day with sunny intervals, no wind, and very mild temperatures, there was no sunlight on the scene as I photographed it.  On the way back at the end of the walk, we were proceeding by torchlight in total darkness, so no second chance!  That picture is not shown here.