Drawing 362: The Buttermere Valley, from Grey Knotts

Direction of view: NW

Notes: From the path from Drum House to Green Gable, which crosses the slopes of Grey Knotts.

Comments: I took this picture – and its companion 359 – on 17th July 2017 (see Drawing 201 for an account of that day).  Near the location of the sketches I chatted awhile to two Australians from Perth, who were doing a leisurely three week traverse of the Coast to Coast Walk, and loving it.  No wonder –  the weather was glorious.

This sketch also appears on page 79 of Wainwright in Lakeland, and a photograph of it is on page 128 of Fellwalking with a Camera.  The sketch is an extremely accurate representation of that photograph.

The north westerly slopes of Grey Knotts, from where this view is taken, are – as Wainwright says – plainly unattractive.  The Borrowdale side, by contrast, is “pleasant and interesting, having several notable features- chiefly, high up, the massive buttress of Raven Crag”.  This features one of the classic rock climbs of the district: Gillercombe Buttress; a name sometimes used by climbers to refer to the whole crag.  The crag is well illustrated on page Grey Knotts 10 of The Western Fells.