Drawing 359: The Buttermere Fells, from Grey Knotts

Direction of view: WNW

Notes: The viewpoint is on the path from Drum House to Green Gable, which crosses the slopes of Grey Knotts.

This scene was drawn by Wainwright for Lakeland Mountain Drawings (83).  It also appears on page 78 of Wainwright in Lakeland, page 130 of Fellwalking with a Camera, it is the 37th photo in Fellwanderer, and is on page 188 of Memoirs of a Fellwanderer (together with the photo, for comparison).  The mountain drawing shows Buttermere and Crummock Water on the right, has a more expansive sky, and a rather tidier cairn in the foreground.

Comments: I took this picture – and its companion 362 – on a glorious summer day, 17th July 2017. See Drawing 201 for an account of the day.