Drawing 356: Bowscale and Carrock Fell

Direction of view: NW

Notes: The viewpoint is on the grassy bank, above the road into Bowscale from the south.  There have been a number of changes, most of them small, but the overall scene is very recognisable from the sketch.

Wainwright’s only other use of this scene was when he redrew it as Lakeland Mountain Drawing 157 (entitled “Carrock Fell”).  The scene is quite unchanged from the original drawing, eg the trees are exactly the same height, despite the passage of 8 years from 1973 to 1981.  This is a clear indication that Wainwright used existing photographs for mountain drawings such as this, and did not revisit viewpoints to obtain an up to date photograph. 

Comments: I first took this picture (image 1) on slide film in late August / early September 1978, though I have no note of the precise date or circumstances.

I took this picture for the digital project on 5th June 2014, after a walk from Mungrisedale with Peter Watson (image 2). We had walked to Blencathra in mist and rain, but as we returned over Souther Fell the sun broke through, the clouds dispersed, and we drove the short distance to Bowscale, where this view looked perfect.  As I took the photo, I was approached by a man from the house on the right (which does not appear in the sketch, so must have been built since it was drawn), who was worried that I was “casing the joint”.  I explained about the Sketchbook Project, and he retired indoors, duly reassured!