Drawing 348: View from Orrest Head

Direction of view: W

Notes: Apart from avoiding the crowds, there are no difficulties with this sketch, and the view remains the same as that which changed Wainwright’s life.

This sketch also appears on page 2 of Wainwright in Lakeland, page 474 of Westmorland Heritage, page 30 of Ex-Fellwanderer, and page 23 of Memoirs of a Fellwanderer.  All of these are from the same original drawing.

Comments: Although I had been up Orrest Head before, my first visit with the sketch in mind was with Sheelagh Hughes Hallett on 29th May 2012, a beautiful afternoon, if rather hazy.  The view was rather looking into the sun, as I knew it would be, and is not reproduced.  The view indicator plate had been stolen.

The view below was obtained on 27th April 2017, on a visit to Orrest Head with Anne Setright, at the end of Anne’s birthday weekend (see 101, 223 and 374 for more pictures taken on this weekend of glorious weather).  The new view indicator provided by the Wainwright Society and Windermere Town Council was in place (I had also been present when it was unveiled, on 28th July 2012).

In fact, there have been at least three view indicators on Orrest Head. This one was manufactured from slate quarried from the Bursting Stone Quarry, Coniston by Gordon Greaves of Troutbeck, and is based on Wainwright’s view from Orrest Head, drawn in The Outlying Fells of Lakeland, and shows the principal fells from Coniston Old Man in the west to Red Screes in the north.