Drawing 346: Southeast from Helvellyn

Direction of view: SE

Notes: Taken from just north of the ordnance survey column.  The summit of Helvellyn is not quite in this picture; the small feature on top of the fell which appears in the sketch is the Gough Memorial.

This scene also appears on page 17 of Fellwalking with a Camera, where it is captioned “Striding Edge, Helvellyn” and the background fells are less snowy.  The drawing is also reproduced on page 89 of Wainwright in Lakeland.  A different drawing, in which it is actually snowing, is Lakeland Mountain Drawing 118.

Comments: I first took this picture on my 15th ascent of Helvellyn on 10th August 2013, whilst walking a section of the “Wainwright Memorial Walk” from Patterdale to Stanah with Peter Messenger (image 1).  It was overcast but quite clear; there was of course no snow!  Some lads had set up a tent on the summit and were selling snacks and hot drinks to fund an expedition to K7 in the Karakoram.

I took the picture again on my 17th ascent of Helvellyn on 22nd April 2015, on a walk with Peter Watson.  For me, this was my part in the Wainwright Society’s 2015 “Challenge”, and my write up of it appeared in the 2015 Challenge Book published by the Society.  We started out from Stanah, and ascended by the lovely Fisher Gill waterfalls, then on a long plod to White Side and Helvellyn.  Some old snow remained on the east face, and although there was some haze, the picture was more interesting, and a distinct improvement on my 2013 effort (image 2).  Peter and I then headed north along the ridge over a number of peaks, culminating, appropriately enough, with Watson’s Dodd.