Drawing 343: Sty Head from Great End

Direction of view: NNW

Notes: The foreground is relatively easy to identify, being the top of south east gully, near the summit cairn.

Comments: I took this picture on 5th November 2012 (see Drawing 360 for a full account).  The light was fading, and deep loose snow made it necessary to proceed with care, but I got a reasonable shot.

This sketch also appears on page 28 of Fellwanderer, and page 64 of Memoirs of a Fellwanderer.

There is room for a bit of trivia, so here goes.  Of the 403 drawings included in the five Sketchbooks, 271 could be categorised as landscapes.  I broke this figure down into 191 mountain landscapes, 46 valley landscapes and 34 lake landscapes, according to what seemed to me to be the dominant feature of the view featured in the sketch.

Buildings and structures account for a further 110 of the 403 drawings.  There are 23 drawings of houses / farms, 18 of churches / abbeys, 14 of bridges, 11 of villages, 11 also of historic buildings, 10 of cairns, five of stone circles, four of castles, three of Roman buildings, and  11 of other buildings or structures.

That leaves 22 sketches which are neither of landscapes nor of structures: 16 are of waterfalls, four of boulders and two of caves.

Drawing 343 is definitely a mountain landscape!