Drawing 338: North from Bigland Allotment

Direction of view: NNE

Notes: The viewpoint is Point 585 on Bigland Allotment – see page 71 of The Outlying Fells.  There is parking along the Canny Hill road, from which AW’s route departs.  Needs a clear day for the distant view.

Comments: I visited Bigland Barrow on 14th December 1985 – a cool and misty day, and I didn’t take a photograph.   My next visit was on a warm and hazy Sunday afternoon, 21st July 2013, and this is when I took the photo.  The scene is still as depicted in the sketch, including the cairn in the foreground.

The name Bigland means “the land where barley grows” – but not these days!

The only other place in Wainwright’s published works where this view appears is on page 71 of The Outlying Fells.