Drawing 333: Scout Scar

Direction of view: S

Notes: This will be best taken mid to late afternoon in summer, to get good light on the foreground crags.  It is difficult to get the picture quite as AW shows it.  There is more woodland in the Lyth valley now, but the prominent “toe” of woodland on the extreme right of the sketch will not line up properly with the far background – you would need to be in mid air! This scene appears on page 2 of The Outlying Fells, and the sketch is also used on page 451 of Westmorland Heritage, where the clouds and the left foreground are omitted, although otherwise it seems to be the same drawing.

Comments: I first took this picture on 19th February 2012, on a walk with Peter and Ruth Messenger (see sketch 99). The light wasn’t good: we were shooting too much into the sun.  I visited again as part of a walk around Kendal on 5th March 2012 (see sketch 331).  Despite it being a generally sunny day, I had to “lay siege” to the sketch for over half an hour to get a reasonable picture (image 1).

A feature of the sketch is the summit shelter, locally known as “The Mushroom”. It was built in 1912 as a memorial to King George V, and restored in 1969 and again in 2003. The structure includes a toposcope indicating the principal fells and other landmarks.