Drawing 325: The head of Coledale

Direction of view: WNW

Notes: Despite AW’s view indicator diagram, I believe that the viewpoint is the summit of Scar Crags (cf page Hopegill Head 1 in The North Western Fells). Part of the Whiteside ridge appears on the left of the picture – Wainwright may have omitted this by artistic licence.

This view forms the frontispiece to the Hopegill Head chapter in The North Western Fells, and also appears as Lakeland Mountain Drawing 278: the same picture, but in a much looser style.

Comments: See Drawing 105 for an account of 29th September 2013, when I took this picture.  A lovely autumn day, and this is a grand scene (though Wainwright has added stature to Hopegill Head).  I continued down to Outerside – my first visit for 28 years, half a lifetime ago.

I also took this picture for the Wainwright Society’s 2018 Challenge; after a wild camp at the head of Rigg Beck, I was up on the Scar Crags ridge early in the morning.  The picture I took then was fit for purpose, but not as good as the one shown here.