Drawing 315: Fleetwith Pike from High Stile

Direction of view: E

Notes: The viewpoint is near the top of High Stile’s north east ridge.  The rocks shown by AW do exist, as they appear in his photo of this scene which appears in Fellwanderer (the 56th photo, which is on the last page).  The scene also appears in Fellwalking with a Camera page 141, Memoirs of a Fellwanderer page 177 (where it appears together with the sketch, for comparison), and Wainwright in Lakeland, page 87.

Comments: I took this picture on 6th October 2017 (see Drawing 119 for an account of that day).  The excellent light of morning had become flatter as high cloud spread in.  Nevertheless, the views were very good, and there were plenty of walkers about, several of whom referred to the spectacular views.  A visitor from the Basque country, told of the Lake District becoming a UNESCO world heritage site, declared it well worthy of the honour!