Drawing 314: The path on Crinkle Crags

Direction of view: SSW

Notes: The viewpoint is easily found as one approaches from Three Tarns.  Beyond Shelter Crags, this view suddenly appears. 

Comments: I first took this picture on slide film on 2nd May 1981 – see Drawing 247.

I first took this picture on digital on 5th May 2012, on a round of the Langdale Peaks with Peter Messenger (see Drawing 245).  Although it was only 6pm, the sky was cloudy, so the view did not look its best – strong light would be needed to differentiate the various “crinkles” from each other.  However, from the summit of Crinkle Crags, the Isle of Man could clearly be seen across a sunlit sea.  The picture is not shown here, instead here is my final attempt, taken on my birthday, 29th October 2018 (see Drawing 153 for an account of that day).

A very popular scene with Wainwright – it appears in seven other places in his published works: Lakeland Mountain Drawing 440, Fellwalking with a Camera page 64, Fellwanderer page 33, Ex-Fellwanderer page 24, Memoirs of a Fellwanderer page 78 (where it is juxtaposed with Wainwright’s photograph), Wainwright in Lakeland page 57, and on page Crinkle Crags 14 in The Southern Fells.  Sad to say, the mountain drawing is disappointing, and shows Wainwright’s declining powers as an artist.  Several of his imitators can draw to this standard.