Drawing 312: Great Gable and Pillar from Glaramara

Direction of view: W

Notes: This is taken from near the summit cairn of Glaramara.  The foreground is not very distinctive (and partly covered in snow in AW’s sketch), so it is not easy to identify it precisely without reference to a photograph.

Comments: See Drawing 271. Image 1 was taken in June 1988 on slide film, and image 2 on 4th February 2018 on digital, the latter on a splendid winter traverse of the Allen Crags – Glaramara ridge with Peter Watson.

This scene also appears in four other books: as a photograph on page 104 of Fellwalking with a Camera, on page 184 of Memoirs of a Fellwanderer (photograph and sketch), and it is the sixth photo in ExFellwanderer.  All of these show the scene without snow, as does Lakeland Mountain Drawing 184.

Glaramara is often mentioned in any discussion of fells with beautiful names.  Diana Whaley, in A Dictionary of Lake District Place Names, refers to it as a fascinating and difficult name for a rugged mountain; she believes it derives from Old Norse, and means Mountain with the shieling [hut shelter] by the ravines.  The name dates back to the early thirteenth century, when it was mentioned as helping to define the bounds of an estate belonging to Furness Abbey.