Drawing 31: Stockley Bridge, Borrowdale

Direction of view: SSW

Notes: The viewpoint is downstream from the bridge, on a large rock at the water’s edge.

This view appears on page Seathwaite Fell 2 in The Southern Fells; on page 72 of Fellwalking with a Camera, page 127 of Memoirs of a Fellwanderer, and page 162 of Wainwright in Lakeland.

Comments: AW’s notes to this sketch state that Stockley Bridge was extensively damaged by the severe floods of 1966, but was restored with little change in appearance.  The current bridge looks markedly different from that in his sketch, and there are conflicting reports as to whether it has been damaged by subsequent floods in 1969 (National Trust website) and 2009 (various internet sites) and then restored.  Or was AW’s sketch based on a photo taken before the 1966 floods?  The viewpoint appears to be the same as for the much smaller sketch of the bridge which appears in The Southern Fells (page Seathwaite Fell 2).  The Southern Fells was published in 1960.

I have crossed Stockley Bridge on many, many occasions, but first took the Wainwright picture of it on 17th May 2017, on a walk with Peter Messenger.  Prior to this, I had assumed that the viewpoint was upstream from the bridge, but it isn’t!  We went on to look (unsuccessfully) for the sketch of Grains Gill (292), then continued to Allen Crags, Angle Tarn, Stake Pass and back down Langstrath to Rosthwaite.