Drawing 309: Haweswater

Direction of view: SSE

Notes: The viewpoint is close to Castle Crag fort.  It isn’t possible to find the foreground rocks used by AW, whilst also lining up the two peninsulas.  There is a more promising foreground actually at Castle Crag, and AW may have combined two pictures for his sketch.  The pictures below illustrate the issue.

Comments: I first took this photo on 26th January 2018.  A sunny morning had clouded over by the time I reached the viewpoint, and although I had lunch there waiting for a splash of sunshine, none came.  I then tacked the toilsome slopes of the SE ridge of Low Raise, running into soft new snow above 2000’, but seeing a herd of at least a dozen red deer.  I continued north to Wether Hill, reaching it at 5pm.  The descent was aided by a hazy half moon and my headtorch.

Peter Messenger’s photo from 1976 is included for contrast.

Wainwright railes about the destruction of the Haweswater of old, done to create the new reservoir.  In particular he mentions the church, seen here as it was seen by Wainwright.