Drawing 308: The top of Lord’s Rake, Scafell

Direction of view: E

Notes: Best in mid-afternoon in summer, to get best light on all the rocks.

This view also appears on page 45 of Ex Fellwanderer, and coincidentally also on page 45 of Memoirs of a Fellwanderer.  Both of these are reduced in size from the original drawing.  A small drawing of the scene, without the figure, is on page Scafell 9 in The Southern Fells.

Comments: The figure portrayed is believed to be Wainwright’s son, Peter.  The photograph from which this sketch was drawn is in the County Archives at Kendal, reference WDAW/4/1/1/2/31, and this sketch closely corresponds to it, with the figure in an identical pose.

On 9th June 2019 I made a foray to get this sketch and 297, which were two of only four left that I had never photographed.  Because of the requirements for lighting, I didn’t arrive in Wasdale until nearly 3.30pm. I ascended Lord’s Rake – for the first time in years – finding it unpleasantly steep and loose.  I reached the top of Lord’s Rake at 6pm, and after taking the photo, went on to the summit of Scafell, then got over to Lingmell via Foxes Tarn and Mickledore.  Back to the car at 9.15pm, and it was still broad daylight.  A most satisfactory opportunistic outing; the views were superb, with the Isle of Man clear on the horizon. A good window in generally poor weather had been forecast, and it had materialised.