Drawing 305: Hartsop Dodd

Direction of view: S

Notes: A hawthorn tree hides part of the attractive building in the foreground, so this picture is best taken in winter or early Spring, although sunlight is at a premium then in Hartsop.  The fact that the picture looks due south doesn’t help!

This scene does not appear elsewhere in Wainwright’s published works.

Comments: Peter Messenger and I both took this picture in the 1970s; his photograph is the more interesting, and is shown as image 1.

My picture for this digital project was obtained on 26th March 2019 (image 2) – see 256 for an account of that day.  The buildings – and foreground wall – have changed somewhat, and it is hard to line everything up precisely.  It is a shame that the spinning gallery shown in the sketch is obscured by the tree, whatever the time of year. It is visible by looking over the gate; and the Historic England website has a picture taken on 23rd June 2002 which clearly shows the spinning gallery.  The window in view has a large wooden shutter, which is just out of view when open.  The property is named Thorn House, and is Grade II listed.