Drawing 302: Castle Rock, Legburthwaite

Direction of view: S

Notes: From opposite the entrance to Legburthwaite car park, go through the gate, and take a faint cart track half left.  Ignore a path branching right, and keep on the cart track to a metal gate.  Don’t go through it, but turn right, uphill, to a footbridge over the aqueduct.  Continue generally left and uphill to a gateway in a wall corner.  Go through it and cross a wire fence on the right.  Climb uphill to find the viewpoint.  Best lighting will be on a summer evening.

Comments: I first visited this location on 19th August 2015, a day when I was checking out four “awkward” sketches in this area (76, 222, 3 and this one).  Quite a bit has changed in terms of tree growth, and the climbers shown in the sketch could hardly be seen now.  Notices warned of a possible major rock fall in the area of the north crag, following the visible opening of a crack in the rock.

The reconnaissance having been done, I visited on a summer evening; about 5.30pm on 29th June 2018 (see 143 for an account of that day).  Having arrived at Legburthwaite, I enjoyed a pot of tea and piece of cake at the nearby “Lodge in the Vale”, whilst waiting for the sun to move around and illuminate the crags.  Rarely is such a relaxed approach possible!  But I was pleased with the result.

At the end of 2018, it was reported that a lump of rock the size of a bungalow, and thought to weigh 1000 tonnes had fallen from Castle Rock.

The only other place in Wainwright’s published work where this view appears is on page 123 of Wainwright in Lakeland: another print from the same original drawing.