Drawing 301:Newlands Church

Direction of view: NE

Notes: The lane from which this was taken has been enclosed with a stock proof and barbed wire fence, so the picture has to be taken from closer than AW stood, and it is not possible to get the lane in the foreground.  The large trees in the sketch aren’t really a problem when in leaf.

The only other place in Wainwright’s published work where this view appears is on page 82 of Memoirs of a Fellwanderer: a reduced version of the same sketch.

Comments: I first took this picture on slide film, on 8th March 1992.  After a sunny morning spent looking for sketches and deciding what walk to do, Peter Messenger and I proceeded to Newlands Church for a walk up Hindscarth and down from Robinson.  Here at Newlands Church we had to wait for the sun to arrive and another party of walkers to depart, but it was worth the wait.  Other sketches taken this day were 301, 399, 390 and 166.

I first took this picture for the digital project on 10th June 2015 (see 108 for an account of that day).  Before my walk there was sun on one side of the church; after it, on the other.  It would be ideal in mid-afternoon, but I was on the fells then!

Newlands Church is believed to have been built in the mid-16th century, exact dates are unknown.  By 1840 it was in a rundown state, and it was restored about that time and a school house built.  The rebuilding of the church cost £200 and included a new roof, new windows and an end wall. The height of the building was increased, allowing for the construction of an upstairs Gallery.  The school remained open until 1967, after which it fell into disrepair.  It was refurbished in the late 1990s and reopened on 9 April 2000 by the Bishop of Carlisle as a place for quiet reflection. The church is a Grade II listed building.